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Since the world becomes more and more globalized, it requires more people with linguistic capability. The Leadership Language Institute (LLI) at ILU-Burundi is committed to providing a student-centered and innovative language learning environment with well-equipped instructors.

General English

General English is for those who wish to learn English as their tool for connecting to the wider world more effectively. This program includes Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels; each level takes three months, covering Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills.


LLI also offers the Pre-university English program for prospective students of ILU-Burundi. They will have an opportunity to be well geared up for their future studies guided by trained instructors of the LLI team. Upon completion of this semester-long program, students will be ready for their actual university studies with confidence.

Academic English

LLI has four modules of the Academic English program for current students of the university. This two-week intensive course is designed to keep their English ability updated. It is taught at the beginning of each semester. In addition, LLI is in the process of preparing classes of Business English, Swahili, Biblical languages such as Hebrew and Greek.

Business English

Business English is set for private individuals, public and private societies, and this program provides knowledge related to business ventures only and is taught exclusively in English. That is why students wishing to be trained in this program ought to know general English; otherwise he or she must go first to through General English program before the business one.