Undergraduate Program

School of Theology

This school is shaped by the conviction that the life of faith in today’s world will be enriched by a deep exploration of traditional theology, approached with a broad understanding of the complexity of our global context.
Through our programs we aim to fill this gap and correct the “speculative mission reflection” which characterizes some influential African missions.


• Diploma in Theology (two years)
• Bachelor of theology (three years)

Program Concentrations :

• Missiology
• Theology

School of Leadership and Governance


This program is designed to increase the ability of the student to effectively partner with functions across companies and organizations while building leadership and management skills and competencies necessary for management in any industry.
• Bachelor of Leadership (three years)


Program Concentrations :

• Organizational Leadership
• Human Resource Management
• Global Business Leadership
• Public Sector Leadership
• International Leadership


This program is designed to address the current environment challenges facing us, including global warming and climate change, pollution, environmental degradation, and resource depletion. The program focus is on issues of water resources preservation and water quality management green energy resources, energy efficiency and conservation, with particular concern over the Great Lakes Region and beyond. • Bachelor of Governance (three years)

Program Concentrations :

• Environmental Studies
• Global Governance
• Transatlantic Governance
• Comparative Governance
• Multi-Level Governance
• E-Clinical Governance
• International Governance
• Information Technology Governance

School of Business

This program is designed to train and equip students with managerial skills and competencies that will enable them deal competitively with the changing global business trends.

• Bachelor of Business Administration (three years)

Program Concentrations :

• Hospitality Management
• Human Resource Management • Management
• Marketing
• Accounting
• Finance and Banking